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Skip shorteners without waiting the 5 seconds automatically

I know you are sick of shorteners , so I am here to share one of the best extensions that exists to skip the shorteners without waiting 5 seconds , this is possible at the extension Universal Bypass what is available Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsft Edge.

Unfortunately, in some browsers it is not available, and it is not the fault of CyanDroid, much less the developer, it is on the part of the browsers, who do not want to put the extension in the store, supposedly 芦Violates the Rules禄, but we all know that no, in short, the developer has commented several times that he will try to put them in the extension store on the different platforms.

The extension supports many shorteners, very popular, that everyone already knows, the extension is capable of skipping capchats, in most of the times, this does not mean that always. Universal Bypass skips sites that make you wait (like adf.ly), make you do some action (show.co and sub2unlock.com for examples), and even trackers (such as bit.ly and t.co)!

! Don鈥檛 waste your time with compliance. Universal Bypass automatically bypasses annoying link shorteners. 隆


Universal Bypass Configuration

Universal Bypass has some very basic settings, I recommend that you leave it as in the image below, since it will automatically redirect you to the link that will take you to the destination. Below there is a java script code, that I do not recommend that you touch it if you do not know programming, this function is made for developers or people who know what they do, once you configure it, it would be ready, every time you enter a link, forget about 5 seconds and captchat !!!

Install on Google Chrome

! Novedades 隆 13.15.2

  • Improved redirects for: Steam link filter, leechall.com
  • Updated translations

List of supported sites (to mention a few, it may support others that are not on the list)

  • Adf.ly
  • Sh.st (Short.st)
  • Show.co
  • SourceForge.net
  • sub2unlock.com
  • mylink.zone (Clictune.com)
  • srt.am (Short.am)
  • cshort.org
  • link.tl
  • won.pe
  • Bit.ly (Bypass del rastreador)
  • Goo.gl (Omisi贸n del rastreador)
  • T.co (derivaci贸n del rastreador)
  • Grabify.link ( Omisi贸n del rastreador)
  • l.ly (Plantilla de acortador de URL premium de GemPixel / KBRMedia)
  • tetew.info (Plantilla de acortador de URL premium de GemPixel / KBRmedia)
  • animanganews.com (plantilla Safelink Bloggerku)
  • losstor.com
  • onepieceex.net
  • Bluemediafiles.com
  • complete2unlock.com
  • sub2unlock.net
  • do2unlock.com
  • mirrorace.com
  • linkrex.net (plantilla AdLinkFly) (omisi贸n de multitudes)
  • ouo.io (desv铆o de multitudes)
  • rom.io (desv铆o de multitudes)
  • bc.vc (desv铆o de multitudes)
  • cuio.io (desv铆o de multitudes)
  • adyou.me (Desv铆o de multitudes)
  • oke.io (desv铆o de multitudes)
  • cpmlink.net
  • hidelink.club
  • ux9.de
  • telolet.in
  • Akoam.net

Frequent questions

  • Why does Universal Bypass have access to all websites?
  • Universal Bypass skips templates that are used by thousands of domains and it would be impossible for me to maintain a complete list of skipped domains. You would have to get a new version of Universal Bypass and accept your new permissions for each new bypass. Custom skips would be pretty useless if you could only create them for sites that are already skipped. Plus, it鈥檚 open source so everyone can independently review its source code.

  • What is crowd bypass?
  • Also known in the options as 芦Give and take the destinations of unbeatable shorteners禄. , this feature exists to avoid a respectable number of link shorteners using CAPTCHA and other forms of back-end validation to make sure you have actually waited before you could proceed to the target link, to share this goal with other users of Universal Bypass, they will find the same link in the future, so they can proceed to the goal immediately.

  • What do the version numbers mean?
  • There are two types of versions:

    • Extension , for example, 12.0.1 鈥 The extension that interprets bypass definitions and loads into Chrome Web Store, Firefox add-ons, Microsoft Edge add-ons, and Opera add-ons. </ li>
    • Bypass Definitions , for example 931f2f9: the short commit hash representing the version of the bypass definitions. For practical reasons, not all commits are listed as separate changelog entries, but you can see all commits on Github.
  • Why does it update automatically in Chromium-based browsers?
  • Until Universal Bypass 12, UB only had extension updates, but when Google started delaying them for more than 7 days, I started separating the 芦extension禄 from the 芦bypass definitions禄 so that the extension could automatically update the bypass definitions in Chromium browsers If your concerns about this are based on privacy, feel free to read the Universal Bypass Privacy Policy.

  • Why is there a fourth number in the Firefox version?
  • Mozilla didn鈥檛 like that Universal Bypass automatically updated its bypass definitions, so Firefox only receives extension updates. For that purpose, Firefox gets a unique fourth digit in the version number, which is incremented for each definition update that I build for Firefox.

  • How can I verify that Universal Bypass is working?
  • There is a list of link examples where you can see Universal Bypass in action here.

  • What to do when a website is not skipped?
  • We鈥檙e always happy to add new detours to Universal Bypass, so if you find a website that hasn鈥檛 been bypassed yet, please open an issue on Github or email me, and we鈥檒l do our best to avoid it. !

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