馃弲 How to see the dislike counter on youtube

One of the latest YouTube updates has made it impossible to view the platform鈥檚 dislikes counter, this decision was made because some groups of users began to use this tool as a way to harass content creators. The 芦dislike禄 button is still present on the platform, however, it is no longer possible to see the number of these.

At first, this tool was very useful to be able to legitimately determine the acceptance of a video, before it became an instrument of harassment or 芦popularity禄, in addition to the fact that in some cases the followers could rely on these numbers to know if the video was useful or not. Therefore, some creators or followers are somewhat puzzled when wanting to consult this type of information: Fortunately there is a way to know exactly these statistics, we share it with you below.

YouTube has recently removed the dislike count for videos on the platform. The platform has removed the dislike button from YouTube in an attempt to protect content creators from targeted harassment based on dislike counts. While the community of creators on the platform has a mixed opinion on the removal of the YouTube dislike button, a popular opinion among them is that YouTube鈥檚 dislike count helped the audience determine the quality and credibility of a video. With that said, viewers can still check the count and like / dislike ratio using the given methods.

By using various web browser extensions, viewers can still check the dislike count on YouTube to determine audience feedback and video quality. As both creators and viewers have expressed disappointment with the removal of YouTube鈥檚 dislike count (making it private to creators), the browser extension can help viewers learn about various metrics, including the count of no. I like it on a YouTube video. Read on to learn more about extensions and how to install them.

How to know the number of dislikes on YouTube videos?

  • You will need to download a free extension for Google Chrome called Return Button Dislikes. You find it in this link
  • Follow the instructions and install it in your browser
  • As of the end of the extension, it will start working automatically, you will not have to make any adjustments.
  • Enter YouTube and choose the video you want to check its number of dislikes. Now, in the dislikes button you can review them automatically.

How to download and install the 芦Return YouTube dislike禄 extension?

Yet another extension that can restore YouTube dislikes like they were before the recent update is called 芦Return YouTube Dislike Stats禄 and has been developed by Dmitry Selivanov. The extension fetches information directly from YouTube鈥檚 official database to display dislike count at its usual place on the YouTube web app. To install the extension, one needs to open a web browser and search for 芦return YouTube dislike GitHub.禄 The official link to the extension library is returnyoutubedislike.com. Once here, the user can follow the general steps and download the extension. Thereafter, the dislike count will be visible at its usual place.

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