馃弲 Telegram style iPhone iOS 15 for Android

What is Telegram iPhone iOS?

Telegram iPhone iOS 15 is an instant messaging application that has become a little more popular in recent times, and as with WhatsApp, some users want to have the appearance of iOS styles but being Android users, it is that although they basically have the same functions in terms of design we notice a big difference. The great thing is that we can make it possible thanks to the use of clients that of course are allowed by the official app, both in one option and in another you can apply color themes and customize some things, what draws the attention of clients is that allow us to make extra configurations that in this case will give us an appearance very similar to the IPhone Telegram.

How to change the appearance to style iPhone iOS 15?

The main thing is to have Turbotel available on the device, it has exactly the same Telegram functions as a client of it, so we enter the app and log in with our number, then we will apply a color theme that is similar to iOS. To apply the theme we go to the menu icon on the left of the header, we choose the option of Settings and we enter the section of Chat, here we will have several default themes available, but I recommend the theme Day o Arctic, When applying the theme we will be able to customize the colors and the chat background.
Now we are going to configure a few more options, we go back to the menu on the left of the header, we choose the Settings option and then Turbo settings, we select Chats List to disable the floating button and enable the Turbo UI along with the iOS-style icons . It is also possible to customize the fonts from Turbo settings and the option general, almost at the end of this section is the Source option and when pressing it gives us the file option to choose one that we have saved in the mobile storage, for example, SF Pro Display it is similar to the iOS style.

Change Chat Colors and Background?

This is something very simple, we simply go to the menu on the left of the header, we enter Settings and then Chats , following this under the theme that we applied previously there are some Circular colored icons to choose from and automatically change to the chosen color, or we can press the color icon that has the three dots and as it is a default theme of the app, it shows us a small editor, in the header of In this editor we find simple options that help us to customize quickly.
The Background option allows us to establish only colors and patterns for the chat background, if we choose the patterns option we can configure the intensity without affecting the background color, but if we want an image we must apply it from Settings> Chats> Change background , the editor only allows us to choose a solid or gradient color for the background. The highlight Color option allows us to change the secondary color that is applied to icons, chat bubbles and some texts, but if we want the highlight color not to affect the color of our chat bubbles we will use also the option of My Messages to choose an individual color.

TurboTel Pro style iPhone iOS 15

TurboTel Pro is one of the apps that even now more closely resembles iPhone iOS 15 messaging, clearly the same as your telegram, however it is already including background animations and Gradients of the same to give it a cooler touch from the chats. TELEGRAM STYLE IPHONE , in this tutorial I will teach you to have the new update of the new TELEGRAM Added + Without losing chats, so unique in its Latest Version for your Android in a QUICK and SIMPLE way. The new update of TELEGRAM with unique themes is here for your taste for your Android. We are going to use this new IPHONE STYLE TELEGRAM to present it to all your friends. Remember that this is where you can find the latest updates for any TELEGRAM mod you want.


  • Turbo user interface
  • Many settings for filters (tabs)
  • Sort, hide, shut down accounts
  • Special contacts
  • Showing contact changes
  • Download manager
  • Bookmark messages
  • Go to the first message of a chat
  • Block and hide chats
  • Block sending
  • Change the background of a chat individually
  • Forwarding messages without quoting
  • Confirmation of shipment / reshipment of things
  • Confirmation by making telegram calls
  • Edit and republish (forward with pre-edit)
  • Paint option to send paint.
  • Option to convert photo to sticker
  • Option to convert video to round video
  • Voice changer
  • Copy parts of a text message
  • Supporting 10 accounts
  • Many storage configurations
  • Receive toasted notifications of contact activities

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