🏅 Telegram style iPhone iOS 16 without watermark APK for Android – Last Version 2023

📜 What is the iphone telegram ❓

Telegram iOS 16 is a recently popular pop messaging application and, like WhatsApp, looks like iOS styles, but Android users have the same function in terms of design function, we see a great difference. The best thing is that we can authorize an application thanks to the use of customers who obviously make additional settings that will give us a real look similar to the iphone telegram.

📲 How to change the look at iOS 16 ❓

Most importantly, turbotel is available on the device, it has exactly the same telegram functions as a client, so we insert the application and connect with the UR. To apply the topic, we go to the icon of the menu to the left of the head, we have chosen the option of parameters and enter the CAT section, we will have serious standard problems, but I recommend the day or the Arctic, when you ask In the subject, we can customize the colors and the bottom of the cat.

Now we will set up other options, we will return to the menu to the left of the header, we will choose the settings and the Turbo settings, select the CAT list to disable the floating button and activate the turbo user interface with the style icons. It is also possible to customize turbo sources and general options at the end of this section, there is the original option and when pressing the file option to choose from a mobile storage, for example, SF Pro The screen is a Similar iOS style.

📲 Change the color of the cat and the bottom ❓

This is the subject, simply we go to the left menu of the head, we insert the parameters and then three points, and since it is a topic of the standard application, it shows a small publisher in the heading of this publisher Simple Options that They help customize it quickly.

The background option allows us to establish only colors and patterns for the bottom of the cat, if we choose the standards, we can configure the intensity without applying the color of the soil, but if we want an image, we must apply it from Parameters> Cats> Gatos>, the publisher only allows you to choose a solid or degraded color in the background. The high color option allows us to modify the secondary color applied to the icons, the cats bubbles and the subtext, but if we want the color to stand out, it does not affect the color of our bubbles, we will also use the Option of my messages to choose from a single color.

⏬ Turbotel Pro ios 16

Turbotel Pro is one of the applications that now look like iOS, clearly the same as your telegram, but already includes background animations and gradients to add a touch of colder cats. The iPhone of Telegram Style, in this tutorial, will teach you to have the new update of the new Telegram + added without losing the discussion, so that a later version for your Android quickly and simply. The new Telegram update with exclusive themes is your taste for your Android. We will use this new telegram in the style of the iPhone to present it to all your friends. Remember that this is where you can find the latest updates of any telegram model you want.


  • Turbo user interface
  • Many filter parameters (guides)
  • Order, hide -turn off the bills
  • Special contacts
  • Show contacts
  • Administrator
  • sign
  • Go to the first message of a conversation
  • Lock and hide cats
  • Blocking the transport of goods
  • Change the background of a conversation individually
  • Delete implemented messages
  • Confirmation of Shipment / Review of Things
  • Confirmation causes telegrams called
  • Edit and Publish
  • Painting option to send ink.
  • Option to convert the photo into stickers
  • Option to convert the video
  • Change of voice
  • Copy parts of an SMS
  • Participate in 10 accounts
  • Many storage parameters
  • Receive notifications for the contact activity network

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