ᐉ BSPlayer Pro 3.18.242 without watermark apk for android – Last Version 2023

📜 What is BSPlayer Pro 3.18.242 for Android? ❓

Bsplayer is a high-quality media player for Android. Among the masses of similar programs, this player emphasized that it includes the ability to speed up video equipment, which reduces battery consumption and increases the performance of the device during playback.

After starting Bsplayer Pro for Android, a window is displayed, which includes two modes of video playback parameters: Manual, which allows you to find the necessary files on the device, and Playlist, which collects data on files that are already has seen and groups into sections.

BSPlayer Pro for Android is one of these multimedia players who provide the user everything they need to reproduce anything. «»It is omnivorous, fast, easy to use adjustments and functions and more, which makes it very versatile.

Automatic subtitles search, navigation gesture recognition, headphones compatibility, file reproduction and continuous list. And this, without referring to other functions that, if necessary, help to free all the potential from the hidden characteristics of BSPlayer.

BSPlayer 3.18.242 without watermark APK for Android - Latest Version 2022

📌 Main Features 🔍

  • – Only to the full version: Chromecast’s support (most MP4S is compatible)
  • – No ads
  • – Accelerated Material Video Reproduction: Reproductive speed increases and reduces battery consumption, admitting the decoding of multiple power sources (double and quadruple) * * *
  • – Audio Pray
  • – Reproduction in the emerging window (audio and video)
  • – Appearance parameters and zoom relationships
  • – Various sequences and audio subtitles
  • – Admit customizable gestures for research control, heel and volume, walking in the emerging video
  • – Support to the playlist and various reproductive modes.
  • – Support for audio headphones and external bluetooth keyboards.
  • – Customizable audio displacement, reproduction speed, gestures and keys
  • – External and integrated subtitles SSA / ASS, SRT, Sous, Txt …
  • -The automatic subtitle research (the mobile connection or Wi-Fi must be authorized to function)
  • – Play multimedia files, such as videos and MP3 directly through Wi -Ii of shared units / folders of your network (such as external USB units, shared SMB, shared PC folders, (Synology servers and others) – It is not mandatory to convert video files and copy multimedia files to SD card
  • – Record play directly from compacted UNC files
  • – Block a screen to prevent accidental videos (children’s blocking)
  • -TG supports USB (movement) and more.
  • Solving License Problems:
  • – If after the purchase and installation of the application, you will receive a notification of license failures, it is because the purchase can take time to register – on the Google license server. It will be resolved in a few hours, where you can try to restore and restart your device.
  • – If you get «not compatible with your device» in the market application, try to delete market applications (configuration, applications, market, delete cache) and restart your device.
  • – The BSPlayer application uses the Standard Google License Service. Keep the Wi-Fi data on or mobile data activated during the first execution of the application. No additional internet connection will be required. In addition, for existing users who have license problems, you can try the «Delete the application data» and execute the application with an activated Internet connection. This must grant your request.

🔰 What’s New in BSPlayer Pro 🔰

  • Improvements to stability and correction of errors.

📲 How to install (update) BSPlayer Pro 📥

  1. Download APK file
  2. Allows the installation of the application of unknown sources
  3. Install APK (eg using a file administrator)
  4. Run the app

⏬ Download the BSPlayer Apk MOD for Android 📥

BSPlayer Pro for Android is an application compatible with a variety of video and audio formats such as Avi, Divx, FLV, MKV, Mov, MP4, M4V, RMVB, WMV, 3GP, MP3.

BSPlayer Apk Mod is one of the best multimedia file players. With a simple and intuitive interface, a great functionality and support for mass multimedia formats, this player will be the key to those who like to watch movies, television programs, online videos and listen to their portable devices.

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