ᐉ Sony Album 9.9.A.0.20 apk for any Android – Latest Version 2022

What is Sony Album?

The Album app offers intuitive new ways to browse high-quality photos and videos at incredible speed. It also offers instant photo viewing and sharing on online services, as well as taking advantage of the excellent camera capabilities of Xperia ™ smartphones.

Backup: Powered by Amazon was removed from the Album app on March 31, 2020. Visit the support page for more details:
Support for viewing photos with the Places view has been received. interrupted.
* If your content shows wrong date order in Album, use «Edit date» under «Details» in the options menu in full screen view. You can adjust the date and time of your photos.
This application uses analytics software to collect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this application and our services. None of this data can be used to identify you.

All Android devices support default apps as soon as you buy and launch, one of the most popular is Gallery! All the images and videos on the memory card or the internal memory of the device are displayed in the gallery and users can have special management on them. With a simple review among the available smartphones, we can consider the Sony Xperia device gallery as one of the most feature-rich that we intend to bring to other Android device users. XPERIA Album is a unique album and gallery for managing multimedia files, which has been developed and published by Sony Mobile Communications for Android. The visual system used in this smart app allows its users to view a variety of images and video files in very high quality and easily manage them, despite the various options. All images in the smartphone memory are fully self-identifying and provided to users in the blink of an eye. In addition, the instant sharing system used in Xperia Album allows users to quickly share images and video files using Internet services.

Features of Sony Album

  • Access all images and video files on memory card
  • Classify existing file types
  • Add images and videos to favorites
  • See the files as a folder with a very beautiful visual system
  • Very high quality to show existing files
  • Share images on Internet services
  • Versatile image editing options
  • Direct access to the camera through the application

Here is Sony Xperia Album APK for Android devices. Sony generally doesn’t mess with or try to customize with the user interface. They only provided customization options rather than changing the entire user interface. If you like the Xperia Gallery APK, you can download the Sony Xperia Gallery APK. The link is available for download. There are many gallery apps available now like IM, Samsung, etc. This Sony Xperia Album APK for Android is worth a try. It is just an APK version that can work on any Android running on Android 5.0+.

Sony has its mainly Android user interface that comes with Android. But they surely provided the customization options. I used the APK from Sony Gallery a long time ago and it was good at the time. The icons and UI look like some kind of veteran Android that doesn’t update for a long time. The Sony Xperia Album APK is well up to date and has most of the necessary options such as the dark mode options. It looks good enough to use as your main gallery. See the screenshots below for more visual references.

The XPERIA Album application as one of the best gallery applications in the Play Store has been able to obtain a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 100 million active downloads, which now You can download the latest original and official version.

Novedades Sony Album 9.9.A.0.20

  • Correcciones de errores y mejoras de rendimiento.

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