🏅 Fouad iOS WhatsApp 9.54 style iPhone iOS 16 for Android – Latest Version 2023


What is Fouad Whatsapp iOS?

Fouad iOS WhatsApp is another modified version of the application that gives you the appearance of using the application on an IOS device. What this means is that this version of the application comes with an interface similar to IOS. WhatsApp modified to the iOS style, in each update it is about adding and adding more style as well as more functions. Try it, you will love it. This is a mod designed with a material structure that allows us to customize WhatsApp to our liking. This is a proposal from a third party, it provides us with a large number of unlimited functions, in these functions we can find related functions, for example, you can change the theme created by many users and a variety of design interfaces that can be customized according to your own preferences. , Allows you to change the style of the application, including the background color, icons, letters, etc., and you can also add a special lock to access the application through a pattern or fingerprint lock.

Outstanding features

  • Perfect UI design

All meticulously processed and thoughtful details are optimized to enhance your app experience.

  • Fully insured

MB MODS does not store any of your data on our server. Its security is provided by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption.

  • Great help

You can receive support for bugs and doubts, through Telegram.

  • More privacy for you

Hide your last connection, hide blue ticks, hide blue microphone, hide both ticks, reject calls, view deleted messages and statuses, hide seen in statuses, and more.

  • Fully customize the app

Change font size, text color, icon color, message bubble and tick style, text input style, and more.


  • Privacy and Security: This includes all your chat with reliable privacy and full features. Example: app / chat lock, freeze last seen, disable forwarding, who can call me, hide see friend status, anti-delete status, anti-delete message, show blue tick after replying and privacy group , transmission and contact.
  • FMThemes: allows you to change themes, download, save, restart, restore, delete and can also import themes in xml format. Chat Backup: You must backup your chat history data before you start using the app. (Restoring the chat is not valid if you have previously used the Clone version of WhatsApp Mod.
  • General Settings: Includes all color customization settings, new display styles (iOS, Android O, Facebook, One UI), writing style and home icons.
  • Languages: Indonesian, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Malay and many more.
  • HD Image Sharing: You will receive and send high quality images.
  • Conversation cards: You will find chats in the form of cards that can be easily changed to the latest version. (Android 5.0+ higher.
  • Home screen: You can adjust the appearance of the top header, the line, the floating action buttons, the status, the angle of the photo (maximum 100r) and hide the chat divider.
  • UI style navigation: can be found in Fouad Mods> Home Screen> Header.
  • Bottom bar style: shows a style with a screen like the iOS customization located below the mobile screen navigation. You can choose with iOS, Bubble or basic style.
  • Activate Instagram story style: You will see a status screen / contact stories from other users on the top bar. This feature can be disabled at any time.
  • Separate chats / groups: if you enable this feature, the status page will be replaced by group chats and «stories like Instagram» will be forced.
  • Dark / Bright Light Mode: allows you to set the display from dark mode to light easily. Vice versa.
  • Show airplane mode: the operation allows you to stop receiving all messages from anyone.

Light and dark theme

How to install Fouad WhatsApp iOS?

  • If you want to install Fouad iOS for the first time on your Android device, then you should follow the steps below to achieve a perfect installation:
  • Make a backup of our chats (Settings> Chats> Backup and click «Save»). Uninstall the WhatsApp or Modifications that you have installed in the number where you want to install Fouad iOS. Activate, if you have not already activated it, the option «Install from unknown sources» or «Unknown sources», depends on your device. To do this, go to Phone Settings> Security.
  • Download the package or APK you want to install (below are the download links) Click on the download package or APK and on the first screen click OK and CONTINUE. NOTE: If Play Protect detects you, do not be alarmed, it is because of the Personalized Signature, just click on »INSTALL ANY WAY» Follow the steps in the usual way, such as verify number, enter nickname At the end, when it asks you with what often want to save backups to Google Drive, press NEVER.
  • Ready, you already have Fouad iOS installed!.
  • If you are updating Fouad iOS, the steps are much simpler. Simply download the same package that you have installed on your Android device, and click on it to install it, you will not need to verify the number or other typical installation things.

What package to download?

  • com.wa
    • Remember that this package will replace the original WhatsApp, try to uninstall the WhatsApp you have installed, without first having made your local backup.
    • If you already have an old version of Fouad IOS WhatsApp installed, just install it, no need to uninstall the old version.
    • Sure in many videos, you see that they are uninstalling the old version to install the new version, but if you do not perform the steps to restore the backup correctly, you will lose everything. To avoid problems, follow point 2.
  • com.mb
    • This package will not replace any other WhatsApp, you can use it in case your cell phone comes with pre-installed WhatsApp or you need to use 2 WhatsApp on your cell phone.
    • If you already have an old version of MBWA IOS WhatsApp installed, just install it, no need to uninstall the old version.
    • Sure in many videos, you see that they are uninstalling the old version to install the new version, but if you do not perform the steps to restore the backup correctly, you will lose everything. To avoid problems, follow point 2.
  • com.bm2

Changelog Fouad Whatsapp iOS 9.54

  • Exclusive, Scroll down for show Archived chats
  • Added: Voice Speedn
  • Added: New dialog to choose the theme of your preference
  • Added: New customization options (A background color for each screen in the home)
  • New: MB Settings Redesign
  • New: Status section Redesign
  • New: Different dialog for each screen
  • Add option to change the color of the Dot Online
  • Fixed: Fab camera in status screen
  • Fixed: Archived chats when stories are activated
  • Enable disappear messages
  • Other.

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