ᐉ Download YouTube ReVanced 18.08.38 APK for Android – Latest Version 2023

💡 YouTube ReVanced is an attempt to revive YouTube ReVanced 18.08.38 Latest Version 2023

YouTube Vanced was an app that many loved. It gave us access to YouTube Premium features (and even more) for free. Unfortunately, the developers closed the project in March. We were waiting for someone to «take over.»

And it really happened, because the ReVanced app is currently being worked on. As you can imagine, this is a continuation of the development of the YouTube Vanced program. So far, the project is in an early stage of development. We can manually build the app and install it on the phone using adb. For this, however, you need root access (or at least that’s what the manual says).

The file was also published .apk. However, the attempt to install the application is unsuccessful. Unfortunately, I don’t have a root device where I can build the program myself.

YouTube ReVanced 18.07.34

📜 What is YouTube ReVanced? ❓

A development group has recently appeared on the Github social network for programmers called Revanced. The group described on their personal page that: «Inheriting the legacy of Vanced (not affiliated with the Vanced team)».

Revanced confirmed that they will be developing the same YouTube platform as Vanced and stated that their team has no relationship with the Vanced developers. Therefore, YouTube ReVanced can be seen as a clone of the YouTube Vanced app. However, the group has confirmed that YouTube ReVanced is a separate app and will not be related to YouTube Vanced, which was recently removed.

Download YouTube ReVanced APK for Android Latest Version

🔑 What standout features does YouTube ReVanced have?

Yes, according to the group’s presentation, ReVanced is likely to have the premium features of YouTube Premium that Vanced offers, such as the ability to block ads, play music (video content) in the background, picture-in-picture (PiP) and show the amount of disgust. Until now, ReVanced has not announced an official website to download the app, users are likely to get access to the app soon. There is no denying the great experience that YouTube Vanced or similar apps bring to users. However, the use of similar applications will significantly affect the income of content creators.

Download YouTube ReVanced APK for Android Latest Version

📲 What is interesting about Youtube ReVanced Apk?

The popularity of Youtube until now seems to have no end. Although similar applications have been released, people are already familiar and comfortable using YouTube. However, there is a rival Youtube modding app that may be more interesting to use.

This mod app was developed and released by third party developers who want to compete with Youtube. Due to the mod app, it has not been officially licensed from the original Youtube developer. Therefore, the app cannot be found in the PlayStore listing.

Although it is a mod version, there is something interesting about Youtube ReVanced, and that is that there are no ads at all. That’s right, those of you who watch videos through this app will not see or read ads because they don’t exist.

It is different when you watch streaming videos online on Youtube. Make sure there are plenty of ads that always appear from the beginning of the video opening, in the middle and at the end of the viewing. The ads are definitely quite annoying.

Well, all those who do not want to be bothered by the appearance of ads while watching videos through Youtube, can try to apply the mod version. You can download and install Youtube Vanced on your device now manually.

Download YouTube ReVanced APK for Android Latest Version

💎 Features of Youtube ReVanced Apk

  • Free app

Puede utilizar la aplicación y todas sus funciones de forma gratuita, es decir, sin necesidad de pagar. No hay suscripción, compra, pago u otros términos similares. Garantizado todo gratis incluso si abre la versión premium.

  • Watch and stream without ads
Download YouTube ReVanced APK for Android Latest Version
  • Default youtube features

Although it is a modified version, Youtube ReVanced still retains all the original features. That way you don’t have to worry when you want to apply Youtube like the original even though you use the mod version.

For example, browsing, subscription, sharing and other features are still intact as the original, and all can be used. In fact, there are additional features that cannot be found in the original version.


🔓 More features

Here are some more interesting features of Youtube ReVanced

  • You can use official Youtube and ReVanced
  • Ads are disabled
  • Background playback/Minimized playback
  • Amoled Theme
  • MicroG support for login
  • Application name restored on Youtube
  • App logo changed to YouTube Premium
  • Unwanted permissions/Activities/Services/Providers disabled
  • Language: multilingual
Download YouTube ReVanced APK for Android Latest Version

📲 How to install Youtube ReVanced Apk 📦

  • First prepare your mobile that has saved the download of the Youtube ReVanced application file.
  • Next, open the Settings or Settings menu. Then select the Security section and scroll down.
  • After finding an unknown source, just activate that section. That way you can install from external download sources stored on your phone.
  • Next, open the downloaded folder in the download section, then find a file called Install and simply click on it to start the installation process.
  • Just wait until the process is complete. Possibly longer than installing YouTube from the PlayStore.
  • After installed successfully, please open and use the app to watch videos or others.

⏬ Download Youtube ReVanced apk 2023 📥

As you know, YouTube Vanced is no more due to legal issues, so we are looking for an alternative option. And in this post we find for you the best Vanced alternative, YouTube ReVanced with the best features. Youtube ReVanced Apk is a mod or modified version of Youtube. Immediately download the full application file. Once the download process is complete, all the files are combined into one folder and automatically saved to the download section of your device. You can check it to make sure all the files have been downloaded or not.

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