🏅 Whatsapp AERO 9.54 without watermark apk for android – Last Version 2023

WhatsAppAero 9.54 for Android

WhatsApp Aero is the best tool developed to improve your WhatsApp experience and enriched with customizations.

Today we bring you the new version that has come out of one of your favorite applications. As you have noticed in the title, it has been AeroWA in update 9.54 which is based on fouadwa. The installation process is just as we already know, making our backup from settings and chats. If you can install the application you can do it, but the most likely thing is that you will have design problems since the same themes are not used in the apps even if they contain the same functions. AeroWA New Fix 9.54.

I recommend you better carry out a proper clean installation, it is much better for its correct operation. The topics that we present to you will be in the link to the telegram channel of topics. If the file comes in xml you can load it from now on in the themes section. If the file comes in a zip or rar format, you have to extract the information in order to use it. In this case we refer to the themes, so that you load the code, colors, designs etc. The application is fully updated to the latest version available at the time. AeroWA New Fix 9.54.

Our list of changes is headed by the new attachment design. We refer to the floating window where the options are: documents, gallery, location and others. By default the normal one comes so to activate it we go to the conversation screen, conversation entry and activate the «UI» screen. If you are very detailed, you can see that it has a small effect when leaving the attachment, it is a relatively very fast rise effect. If you want to deactivate it, it is in the same option that we have just presented.

All the changes they have applied are really nothing new for AeroWA but come from the new FouadWA base. So if we go to the conversation screen, the same in bubbles and ticks, we will find the new designs of ticks and bubbles. Therefore in the conversation entry, we have the 5 new designs implemented. From then on, all the corrections come from the base, so therefore the counter problem is solved.

Applying the card design to the rows was fixed, as well as they replaced the point with a counter in the status tab among other things. That would be all for the aero info, so we hope it’s of good use to you. We always look to be attentive to new changes, updates and possible new applications that may arise. AeroWA like the others, contains privacy, instagram style stories, iOS style tab and other designs. Everything is a matter of inquiring, exploring the application so that you can understand everything. AeroWA New Fix 9.54.

General characteristics of WhatsAppAero

  • Perfect UI design

All meticulously processed and thoughtful details are optimized to enhance your app experience.

  • Great support

You can ask for help from Aero groups and very fancy themes from thematic groups. Don’t forget to use Spanish when requesting a topic :). You can also follow all Aero updates on the official Aero channels!

  • Privacy

You can hide your blue mark, second mark, online information, statuses, listen to sent audio files, «record …», «write …».

  • Power

With the ability to prevent messages from being deleted, even if people receive your messages, they will not be deleted from you.

  • Themes

WhatsApp Aero, which houses more than 3000 themes, you can instantly download the theme you want or you can create your own themes professionally.

  • Logs

Find out who has been online and offline, who changed their profile picture and their status.

  • Enhanced Media

: WP Aero allows you to share up to 700MB of video and 50MB of images.

  • Lock

WhatsApp Aero allows you to take advantage of improved lock options to keep your chats safe until fingerprints are produced.

  • Customize

WhatsApp Aero has more fonts, bubble styles, tick styles and various customizations than any other WP mod.

  • Support

You can find immediate answers to your questions and offer suggestions from our Telegram group and WP support number. The required details can be found at WP Aero> Support.

  • Aero Widget

Thanks to this widget that comes with WP Aero, you can access the Aero Mod page and profile without entering WP, connect and disconnect, view your status and Name.

  • Emojis

You can choose from WP Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Emoji One V3 Emojis, Android Nougat Emojis, and Android Oreo Emojis.

  • Languages ​​

WhatsApp Aero; It supports Turkish, Azerbaijani, Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysia.

  • Hiding Media

With WhatsApp Aero, you can hide all incoming and outgoing videos, images and GIFs from your gallery, and view them only from WP.

How does this application work?

  • Make a profile

Decide what you want, reflect the profile in your mind.

  • Download for free

Download and enjoy without malicious and infected ads.

  • Enjoy this application

Enjoy. If you need help, you can request it in any language. You can download our uninterrupted and unlimited themes.

What package name should I install?

The and com.aerolla packages are developed as an alternative for people who have WP installed on their device by default and do not remove it.

You must uninstall the original WP application from your device to install the package name com.wa. You have the opportunity to use many applications (such as sticker applications and similar applications) developed for WP together with the name of the package com.wa.

It is almost impossible to use apps like sticker apps in the and com.aerolla package names.

Modern vs Classic Icons

Modern icons

Classic icons

WhatsApp Aero news

Nuevas funciones y correcciones :

  • Added a general view of the image / video without saving the memory of the phone.
  • What was added to history / status
  • Safety copies will be maintained even if WhatsApp is rejected.
  • Degraded colors and other bubble style customization options have been added
  • Backup copies are now created as a zip file.
  • Improved Anti-Ban.
  • Activated: Create research and votes in groups.
  • Other corrections and improvements.

Iconos Modernos

Iconos Clásicos

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