ᐉ Nox Cleaner Premium 3.7.7 APK for Android – Latest Version 2022

📜 What is Nox Cleaner Premium 3.7.7 for Android? ❓

Nox Cleaner apk premium for Android – is one of the most popular applications for cleaning your mobile gadgets. Increasingly, these applications go beyond the classic features. Many of them offer other features to their users. Nox Cleaner apk premium mod for Android – If you are looking for an app that will help you optimize and remove excess junk on your smartphone, this is what you need. Comfortable design, easy to use, and most importantly, it really works! Clean unnecessary junk, protect your data, block unnecessary apps, save battery, cool down your smartphone, optimize your device with Nox Cleaner.

For example, this app not only cleans memory from unwanted caches, *apk files, junk processes, ad-spam and other things, but also helps to organize photos, distribute them in folders, as well as compress them to reduce the amount of space they take up. Currently, there are many cleaning apps like Nox Cleaner on Google Play. However, if you compare the ability to clean junk and scanning speed, Nox Cleaner apk premium for Android seems to be the champion. Therefore, this tool has received the love and trust of tens of millions of users around the world.

The developers of Nox Cleaner want to expand in the Hispanic market, after its success in the Anglo-Saxon public, as part of its philosophy to make its functionalities better known to Spanish-speaking users. In order to know the market and get more downloads, the developers contacted users, answering their questions. Nox Cleaner is a program for smartphones that optimizes mobile devices by cleaning junk or files that only take up unnecessary memory space.

Developed by Nox LTD, this app performs a deep scan of the mobile device and manages to lighten the memory of smartphones. After scanning, the program deletes those applications that are no longer being used, the cookies saved by web browsing, makes oversized images lose weight and size to save space, eliminates duplicate photos and keeps the rest organized for the user’s convenience .

The scope of the program to clean unnecessary files ranges from songs, through photos and files of all kinds that only take up space and are unused by those who have them. The feature most valued by the public is that Nox Cleaner can do all this without resorting to the use of invasive advertising after use, as well as the ease of use. In addition to this, it makes the devices faster in their interface and makes the battery consume less energy than the mobile device demands. This is another detail that the public highly values when they download the application, in their experience. This application is available for those users of Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above.

Nox Cleaner Premium 3.7.7 APK for Android - Latest Version 2022


★ Clean junk files and free up more storage space
★ Release your favorite high ping games
★ Speed up RAM for better device performance
★ Protect your apps against privacy leaks
★ Cool down and monitor CPU temperature
★ Automatically analyze photos for easy management
★ Smartly move or delete less used apps
★ Close power consuming apps to save more battery

🥇 Features of Nox Cleaner Premium APK MOD

Nox Cleaner Premium APK is a small app that speeds up phone, cleans junk files and frees up RAM for Android devices. An advantage of this app is that it can work well even on Android 8+ or later, similar apps are not optimized well.

  • 🧰 Speed up your device and clean junk files

As we all know Android is an exciting and highly customizable operating system. You can quickly change themes, icons or copy photos, apps easily. However, this is also a normal operating system that creates junk files. They slow down your work and often lag behind when playing games or doing heavy tasks. In particular, you will see these issues quite clearly on older devices.

Nox Cleaner APK is a great app that not only frees up your device memory but also makes your device run smoother. Make it easy for the user to decide whether to delete or keep the files. The application has to divide the files into different categories.

  • 🧰 CPU cooling

It is uncomfortable to use a device at high temperatures. Nox Cleaner Premium APK is able to detect applications that cause the device to heat up and cool down quickly. Of course, this method only helps reduce some of the device’s temperatures. If you feel that your device is too hot, you can let it rest before continuing.

  • 🧰 Save battery

There are some apps that you don’t use, but they are still running in the background, which will reduce the battery life of your device. With Nox Cleaner, you can easily find battery draining apps. The app will also suggest users which apps they should turn off. It also clearly displays system apps and recommends keeping them active.

  • 🧰 Photo Management

Nox Cleaner’s image rating is also impressive. The app classifies images into categories like large images, screenshot images, or videos. Also, there is a list of low-quality and blurry photos. You can delete them if you think they are not necessary.

Thanks to Nox Cleaner’s data analysis technology, this software helps you identify the photos you need to clean and organize your photo collection in a smart way. With this app, instead of spending hours scrolling through thousands of images to find and delete low-quality photos, you can quickly delete them all.

  • 🧰 User manual

Nox Cleaner is easy to use and suitable for all users. It also supports many popular languages ​​so you can easily use it without any difficulties. Nox Cleaner will ask you to allow access to photos, media and files on your device. This purpose is to help the application to search, analyze and perform image compression, manage your application, archive. If you want to understand more about how this app works and how to use its great features. Check out the content we provide below.

The main interface of Nox Cleaner is where you update your device’s storage status (including SD memory card) and the main functions of this app.

  • 🧰 Ram booster

With a simple operation, you can easily free up memory and speed up the performance of your device. Select the RAM Booster icon, which will scan the app running in the background, causing battery drain. The good thing is that NoxCleaner can detect many background apps that system memory management apps can’t find. The app will automatically optimize these apps and you don’t have to do anything.

  • 🧰 CPU cooling

Sometimes your phone gets hot due to CPU overload, it usually appears when playing games or running heavy apps. This is a common problem with any Android device. Normally, we will close the app or reboot the device to fix it. But with NoxCleaner’s efficient CPU cooling, you can quickly fix this problem.

📲 How to install (update) Nox Cleaner Premium 📦

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the app.

⏬ Download Nox Cleaner MOD APK for Android 📥

Nox Cleaner MOD APK helps you to clean junk files on your Android phone quickly and effectively and also helps you in file management. Download it now!

Unlocked features:

Premium/paid features unlocked.
Real-time protection when accessing the Internet.
Unlimited traffic.
Removal of ads.
Automatic cleaning.
VPN connection, change your IP address to connect to the network in many countries.

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