ᐉ Nova Launcher Prime 8.0.3 APK – Dark Mode + Android 13 Features + Latest Version 2023

📜 What is Nova Launcher 8.0.3 For Android 13 (last version) 2023? ❓


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Nova Launcher is completely stable and will not cause you any problems. This launcher has managed to gather a large number of fans from all over the world. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, then download Nova Launcher APK Prime for Android.

I recommend you download Nova Launcher Prime for your Android phone, it is a fast, lightweight and ergonomic launcher with extensive functions and advanced settings. Nova Launcher is a customization project that, thanks to its qualities, has become incredibly popular and in demand among all users who want to independently change and customize the appearance of their desktop as well as other processes. The high quality, the ease of changing items, the absence of bugs and problems, as well as a large number of separate additional products for Nova Launcher Prime made it an excellent choice for everyone interested in this.

Nova Launcher replaces the home screen and app drawer, the scrolling list of app icons normally accessible by swiping up on your phone’s home screen. But in the default settings, you won’t notice much in the way of the change, that’s because the Nova Launcher sticks to a rather vanilla version of the Android home screen. But there are many things that Nova Launcher can do that is not immediately obvious. Don’t like the shape or style of the app icons? It is easy to change them. Bored of transition animations between home screens and apps? Just choose different ones. How? We are going to talk about some of the main points here.

Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable and versatile home screen replacement. Nova offers advanced features to enhance your home screens, but it’s still a great easy-to-use option for everyone. If you want to completely refresh startup screens or are looking for a cleaner and faster startup launcher, Nova is the answer.

Nova launcher prime 8.0.3 ultima version para android
  • The newest functions:

Nova offers the latest Android Launcher features for all other phones.

  • Custom Icon Themes:

Nova supports thousands of icon themes available on the Play Store.

  • Night mode and dark theme:

Night mode is automatically activated at a specific time, or simply left on for a dark theme.

  • Customizable application drawer:

Vertical or horizontal scrolling, page effects, and card or immersion options are just a few of the things you’ll find available for the app drawer.

  • Subgrid Positioning:

With the ability to place icons and widgets between grid cells, it’s easy to get a precise feel and layout with Nova in a way that is impossible with most other launchers.

  • Backup and restore:

Moving from one phone to another or trying new settings on the home screen is easy with Nova’s backup and restore feature. Backups can be stored locally or saved in the cloud to facilitate transfers.

  • Speed :

Nova is highly optimized, with smooth and agile animations that even the oldest phones will have a fast and fluid feeling.

🔓 What’s the difference between Nova Launcher and Nova Launcher Prime?

It all comes down to customization. Nova Launcher Prime allows you to assign gestures (eg Pinch, Double Tap) to apps on the home screen, and add unread counts, small overlay badges indicating unread messages, throughout the launcher. You also get custom drawer groups, which allow you to create new tabs or folders in the app drawer; an option to hide apps from the app drawer; custom swipe gestures by folder and by icon; and an expanded list of scroll effects.

So you can install Nova Launcher Prime on Android. A very attractive Launcher with moderate functionality and good performance, inferior to the competitors in the field of configuration. To take advantage of its full potential, I also recommend downloading and installing the notification plugin.

📤 Reasons to use Nova Launcher

  • Slide actions

Swiping actions do app icons double duty and help you tidy up your home screen. There are several ways to use swipe actions, and you can play around with what works best for you.

  • Multiple tabs in the app drawer

Android phones have an app drawer with all your apps in one place. With Nova Launcher you can put tabs inside the app drawer to help you organize them for easier access. Separate your apps by theme. You can put all your music apps in one tab, email apps in another and games in a third tab. Tabs can be labeled with a name or with an emoji that tells you what’s inside the drawer. Now, instead of scrolling through all of your apps to find what you want, you can jump to the correct tab and find it faster.

  • Set shortcuts for quick access

Nova launcher allows you to configure shortcuts to quickly access the functions of your phone. The app comes with default shortcuts, but you can change them to almost anything you want. Shortcuts are different swipes on the screen with your fingers.

  • Add an application to the start button

This is just a little feature within Nova Launcher, but it’s nice to use. Usually the home button has only one function and that is to close the app you are using and take it back home. That’s. Nova Launcher allows you to give that start button another job by placing an app inside it.

If you tap the start button twice, the app will open. If you have an app open and tap the home button once, it will take you to the home screen. Tap a second time consecutively and the app will open. When you’re at home, double-tap the home button to open the app. Use this feature for your most used application to get the fastest and almost instantaneous access.

  • Change application icons or make them invisible

The Google Play Store has hundreds of application icon packs that you can download and import into Nova Launcher to give your phone a unique look that suits your personality. Go one step further and create your own applications for Nova Launcher. You can upload images you want to use as icons and use them instead of pre-made icon apps. You can even make an app invisible by not placing anything as an icon.

  • Hide applications

There are many apps out there that will hide apps from prying eyes. Nova Launcher has this feature built in, so you won’t need one of those additional apps.

📌 Do more with Nova Launcher Prime

Unlock the full potential of Nova Launcher with Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Gestures:

swipe, pinch, double-tap and more on the home screen to run custom commands.

  • Groups of application drawers:

Create custom tabs or folders in the app drawer for an ultra-organized feel.

  • Hide applications:

Delete apps from the app drawer without uninstalling them.

  • Custom icon scroll gestures:

Assign scrolling gestures to icons or folders on the home screen for custom actions.

  • … and more. More scrolling effects, unread counts, and more.

📲 How to install (update) Nova Launcher Prime 📦

  • Download the APK file.
  • Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings.
  • Install the APK (for example, using a file manager).
  • Run the app.

⏬ Download Nova Launcher Prime for Android 8.0.3 📥

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for the free Nova Launcher app. For that you will have to install it first.

Unlocked features:

Paid Prime features unlocked.
Optimized graphics and clean resources for fast loading.
Default wallpapers removed.
Ultra compress package for small size.

What is Nova Google Companion?

One of the best features of Google Stock Launchers is quick access to Google Feed. This started with Google Now Launcher and continued on Pixel Launcher, but you can also easily add it to Nova Launcher.

Google Feed, which started life as Google Now many moons ago, is a quick way to access stories that Google believes will be of interest to you. You can customize your content to keep it relevant to your interests and let Google do the rest. Once you’ve taken the time to really set it up, it’s a great way to quickly get the news that interests you.

In both Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher, you can quickly access Google Feed by sliding your finger to the leftmost home screen. In third-party launchers, however, this was not possible. That is why a companion app for Nova Launcher was created to enable this feature.

The aptly named Nova Google Companion app does exactly what the name suggests: it adds a Google Feed panel to Nova Launcher. It’s a great way to get Pixel-like functionality from possibly a better launcher. There’s only one downside: Google Companion can’t be uploaded to the Play Store (more on that in a moment), so you’ll have to download it. If you are not familiar with that, check out our primer. It should tell you everything you need to know.

What is TeslaUnread?

TeslaUnread provides unread count badges for Nova Launcher Prime and WidgetLocker. It will not work with other desktops or lock screens.

Unread counts are natively supported for the most popular chat and email apps like Hangouts, WhatsApp and all the apps shown in the screenshot. Also, on Android 4.3+ TeslaUnread you can see the notification bar to extract unread counts from virtually any app.

Enable TeslaUnread in Nova Launcher or WidgetLocker Settings y gt; Unread Counts, here you can also customize the badge style like size and colors.

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