ᐉ Instagram style iPhone iOS 16 for Android with emojis updates 2023

Many of you may wonder if it is safe to use this Instagram, and the truth is that in my case I have been using this Instagram mod for a long time and nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me. Good this modification of Instagram also has the iPhone emojis integrated into the mod so that they can use it throughout the application, both in stories, messages and comments. It also allows us to add multiple photos to Instagram stories as well as iPhone devices.
Apart from that, it offers us the following functions:

  • We can download the photos, videos, reels, stories of anyone who has uploaded one of the aforementioned.
  • We can also hide when we read the messages without people noticing when we read them.
  • The same happens for Instagram stories, we can hide when we see any story and that person will not realize that we saw their story.
  • Another option is that we can enter any Instagram live anonymously, rather without the one doing the live or the others noticing that we are in breach in their live.
  • Apart from everything already mentioned, this Instagram mod has many functions that I explain to you in another video on the channel.

The Instagram application is available on a wide variety of different operating systems. In all these systems it retains all the main functions, however there is a variation in the user interface. That is why we will tell you how you can have iPhone-style Instagram on an Android device.

The company strives to maintain the same functions on all platforms, including the website. However, the main difference between all versions is the final appearance of the application. Some users prefer the look provided by Apple operating systems to that displayed on Android devices.

Many users around the world have wondered, how can I have iPhone-style Instagram on Android? First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there is no option that perfectly imitates the appearance of the application, however, there is a version with an appearance very similar to the desired one.

The option available is to use the platform’s website and place a shortcut on our home screen. To achieve the task, it will only be necessary to enter the browser, search for the Instagram web page and log in. Once you enter your account, the platform will ask you if you want to add Instagram to the home screen.

Can Android users see iPhone emojis?

You can still see iPhone emojis on Android. This is great news if you are switching from iPhone to Android and want to access your favorite emojis. While you can root your Android device using an app like Magisk Manager, there are much easier ways.

Can Apple emojis be sent to Android?

Another option to get iOS emojis on Android is to simply use Instagram – the ubiquitous Facebook-owned messaging platform uses the same emoji designs (those provided by Apple) no matter what device it’s on. That means if you send someone a grimace, you know they are seeing the same image.

AeroInsta style iPhone iOS 15

Developed by Bozkurt Hazar, who has dedicated the time to add and of course modify said Instagram application in order to offer the user a better experience when using it.

AeroInsta has all kinds of functions from being able to download profile images on Instagram to being able to download stories, in summary you can do everything with this mod but later we will talk more in depth about these and more functions that they integrate.

  • AeroInsta Is Safe

Many people express their insecurity for using this type of application for fear that they can access their account, it is important to remember that this modification is only dedicated to granting privileges to users and not to store information about them, in short, aeroinsta is safe .

  • AeroInsta Developer Options

Keeping the start box selected for 2 seconds can display an additional menu in which we can find multiple functions to modify for us, this menu is known as «Developer Mode» since we can change many Instagram parameters such as the design , camera functions and of course activate the dark mode in case our Instagram does not have this window. It is recommended to be very careful when using it because we can make changes that damage our Instagram (I refer to the App only, our account will always be safe) if this were to be the case we can delete the application and add it again to start from 0, there are currently some guides with very interesting functions that we can try.

  • Instagram No Ads

Today we all know what ads are and that many applications such as Instagram use ads to generate income since they depend on them, but in some cases they are usually excessive or very annoying, Aero Instagram or Instagram Plus eliminates by I complete these ads giving the user a better experience when using it.


The unclone package must remove the original instagram, and the clone package, you do not need to un-uninstall the original instagram.
Both packages have the same functions and features, however the first one is more stable because it has the same package name as the original Instagram, but for the second you don’t need to uninstall the original version of Instagram on your device.

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How to download the App the Instagram Style iPhone iOS 15?

Well, what you just have to do is, download the App, the link will be leaving them here below, and they must activate the unknown sources from the phone settings so that they can install the App. And then they simply give it to install and then to enjoy this great App.

! What’s New? 18.0.2
🔸 Added option to turn on old comment copy-translate buttons for those who don’t like the new comment menu (AeroInsta Settings >> Comments section).
📌 Fixed Facebook login.
🔸 Other minor fixes and optimizations



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